About Me

Archbishop (Prof.) Iyke Nathan Uzorma

His Grace, Archbishop (Prof.) Iyke Nathan Uzorma, ‘Harbinger of the Last Covenant’, is the Chancellor of Global Harvest Christian University in Nigeria. A Professor of Christian Education at St. Thomas-a-Backet University, Canterbury, England, with the award of ‘Peace Advocate’ in Nigeria, he leads an international silent prayer forum via the ‘Harbinger Divine Ministries’. He is the ‘Nigeria Youth Role Model ICON OF HUMANITARIAN SERVICE of the Nigeria Youth Advocacy For Good Governance Initiative’. He was recipient of ‘2021 Nelson Mandela Excellent Service Award’.

A leading scholar of Extraterrestrial Research and author of over seventy books, the ‘Harbinger of the Last Covenant’, His Grace Iyke Nathan Uzorma, is a Messenger through whom testimonies are established by God on people in different parts of the world, which includes but not limited to raising the dead back to life in some occasions. By the grace of God, many widows and indigent people have benefited from his selfless humanitarian services. Before his strange divine direct encounter with Christ, he was the ‘Living Grandmaster’ of the Order of Terrestrial and Astral Hierarchy; Master of Vedic Metaphysics; Speaker (visiting professor), Metaphysical Research Association of Nigeria, University of Ibadan; Defender, ancient secret Order of Lord Yima of Persia; founder/1st Adept of the defunct secret society known as ‘The COMANS Order’, amongst others. The Lord has been appearing to him, enabling him to conduct divine inquiries for different people unto this day.

He hails from Isunjaba, Imo State, but resident in Warri, Nigeria. Following his direct encounter with the Lord and conversion, the Lord directed him to “go and bear witness of My Power to the faithful and the faithless”. Thereafter, the Lord also commissioned him as the ‘Harbinger of the Last Covenant’ and specifically told him that He used him as a ‘spy’ into the highest network of the powers of darkness in the Universe, for the overall benefit of the faithful ones on Earth. After one year fasting (6am — 6pm), as directed by the Lord Himself, the Harbinger of the Last Covenant began the mission assigned to him by the Lord. He is married to Lady Imaobong Udeme Uzorma, a royal Princess of Ibibio, Nigeria, and they have two sons and a daughter. The Harbinger of the Last Covenant holds strongly that the Earth-world has come finally into the era of Planetary winnowing.