The Lord has been using the Harbinger of the Last Covenant, Archbishop (Prof) Iyke Nathan Uzorma, greatly since he was called from the peak of darkness to the Light of Christ. A dumb woman in Lagos, Nigeria, once held his clothes and started speaking. A woman that was pregnant for 3years and 4months without delivery, went to so many places without a solution. Finally, she was brought to the Harbinger of the Last Covenant. He ministered to her and she delivered a baby boy thereafter.

Prof Ekpenisi, God 🙏♥️ is the greatest ” this indeed is the era of God” as always said by the Harbinger of the last covenant. May God 🙏 increase your anointing, and give us the grace to witness and enjoy the good plans he has for the earth 🌎 man.

Comfort in Lagos, Nigeria, went to school and from there went missing. Her people consulted the Harbinger of the Last Covenant for divine help. The Harbinger told them, as revealed by the Lord, that Comfort was kidnapped for ritual purpose, but by the Spirit of God, every shrine and all the elements will reject her in sacrifice, and that she will come back home safely. After some time, Comfort was found in Benin City, Nigeria. She confirmed that every shrine she was taken to for sacrifice, she was rejected; that even the spirits warned her abductors to ensure that she is not harmed.

Mrs Okomuhya of 20 Opi Street Warri, sought the help of the Harbinger to resurrect her dead son. The Harbinger consulted the Lord and was given the green light to go, that with his finger, the dead boy will come back to life. He did as commanded by God and miraculously the boy came back to life. A lot of people that witnessed the incident that day, gave their lives to Christ. This is one of the occasions that the Lord has used him to raise the dead.

When, Ex-1st Lady of Ebonyi State, Nigeria, Dr Eunich Egwu, contacted the Harbinger of the Last Covenant, regarding the kidnap of her brother, Kennedy Ogba, the Harbinger, upon emergency divine inquiry, assured her, as spoken to him by the Lord, that her brother will be released without payment of any ransom, and that will be the end of the group involved in the kidnap. To the glory of God, Kennedy Ogba was freed with no ransom paid and his abductors were killed in a gun duel against security forces.

Loli Mababy, I’m always happy when I come to youtube and see a new video by the Harbinger.

So many testimonies abound in different parts of the world from the Finger of the Lord in His servant, the Harbinger of the Last Covenant, some of which are published in diverse books and materials, including the aforementioned. All these testimonies show that the Lord is still at work today even as it was in the days of old. Thank You Lord.

— Compiled by the Media Team.