Guidance On The Path Of Light # 5


Happy Sunday My Lovely Friends; Peace be with you all.

Now, let the earthman who sincerely desires to walk on the path of Light be strengthened on the inner psychology of the purity of heart, for this guarantees great divine ascent in the journey of life.

The gestalt of your inner psychological structure in the scale of existence, works strictly within the ambit of the Universal Law of Homogeneity. In this terms, you attract to yourself the fabrics of your intense mental focus.

Thus, you attract the Light of the Almighty within the interchange of your mental pattern; in the same vein, you become enamoured with the propensities of the dark world and its inherent forces, if this is evident in the consciousness of your psychological structure.

Blessed is the one who absorbs the Light of Christ in the structure of his being, for upon the threshold of winnowing, he will be counted amongst the overcomers of illusions of the mundane camouflage systems. Seven fold blessed is the one who practically demonstrates the Light of Christ in his daily existence whilst in the world of man, for through him others will be led into the Kingdom of God within.

May Heaven bless the reader of this admonition with the Light of the Almighty, in the Name of the Great Lord Jesus the Christ. Amen.

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