No Problem Without Solution

Happy Sunday My Lovely Friends.
Now, in the life of the earthman, there is certainly no problem without solution. If you have a problem and doesn’t know the solution, your ignorant of the solution becomes the main issue. I urge you to sincerely seek the Holy Spirit of God, because in Him lies the solution to all predicaments. He will not bend towards you; you have to bend towards Him, for His Divine Power to focus on you and salvage you. And in doing this, you have to void your terms and stick to His terms, otherwise there will be no change. When any problem comes, then comes also the solution in Him who is the greatest of all — the Holy Spirit in the Name of Christ. But you must bend yourself towards His Eternal Light to receive the help from above. Seek the Lord with all your heart and overcome all that seeks to hold you down in the journey of life.
God bless the reader.

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