Children of Men, Grace, and Peace be multiplied, from the One Eternal Spirit of God that abides within you, and within which you abide, Amen.
Now, it came to pass that an earthman, whilst seeking for his survival in the world of man, prayed to the Almighty God thus: ‘Oh my Lord, I am going out to seek for what to eat; please guide my path and don’t let me meet what will eat me’. The one who seeks for what to eat seeks out for a creature of a certain kind, even his food. And he prayed against what will eat him, which is also a creature of a kind, created by the Almighty God.
In this lies the prelude of this material, towards the understanding of existence in the light of intricate webs of battles, namely, the battles of survival; the battles that occur from the lowest creatures to the highest dimensions of beings. Existence, in certain terms, is structured in a manner that creatures survive on feeding upon creatures.
Thus, it is said that the eyes of the lion is on the cow, while the eyes of the cow is on the grass. The lion that seeks the cow for meal, as well as the cow that feeds upon the grass, including the grass itself, all are creatures of the Almighty. The earthman feeds on different creatures, including the beasts.
Some Intelligences far above humans, especially those within the systems of Light, feed on the energy radiated by love, mercy, peace, amongst others, arising from a subtle pole of the human mental matrix. Some higher Intelligences also, situated within the embers of darkness, feed from the energy of wickedness and vicious consciousness, embedded with a certain subtle pole of man’s mental matrix. And in the terms of such Intelligences, whether of Light or darkness, the energies from the mental matrix of the earthmen are their ‘farms’ for food.

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