Fathers’s Day Appreciation Note


My lovely ones, peace be to you all.

It is well known that in certain realms of the Earth-world, today is celebrated as ‘Father’s Day’. Consequently, many of you have sent me messages of appreciation via diverse platforms. As a ‘father’, within my little right of ‘fatherhood’ to some persons, both spiritual and biological, I bless you all in the Name of the Great Lord Jesus the Christ.

In the Name of the One Eternal God, I pray for divine guidance upon all those who seek guidance from the Almighty Father, by the Eternal Spirit of His call upon me, in the Name of Christ. I love you all.

It is said that ‘helping a child is an investment into the future’. The big tree you see today was once a small seed. If you befriend an eagle you will always be looking up to the sky. My lovely ones, I admonish you this day to always ‘aim at the sky’ in your journey of life. Remember, one who aims at the sky shoots higher than one who just aims at the tree.

As a ‘father’, I tell you: It is not what you get from a father, but what you do with what you get from a father, that is the measure of your success in this regard.

Nevertheless, I sincerely pray that you all will be far greater than me in this journey of life. Don’t forget that a man is taller than any mountain he climbs. Dear son, dear daughter: Endeavor to always judge each day of your life not by what you harvest, but by the seed you plant.

You are all blessed and lifted!!

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