Guidance On The Path Of Light # 2


Happy Sunday My Lovely Friends; Peace be with you all.

Now, as far as the path of Light in the Lord is concerned, you have a responsibility — I have a responsibility — in ‘That’. Our individual and collective ascent in Light is solely embedded with this. Without this divine ascent, the journey of life goes downward in the scale of being. We must have tremendous value for the path of Light now, because following one’s departure from the physical realms of Earth what follows him into the hereafter won’t include his material possessions, but only his thoughts, words and actions enacted in the framework of the path of Light in the Lord.

Live and let live should be recognized as the true order for existence on the path of Light. Removing a load from your head and placing same on your shoulder won’t remove the weight of the load from you. And we do just that when we see the faults of other Earthmen and turn ‘blind eye’ to ours. No one can rise in the Light of God on this platform.

Therefore, see no evil, hear no evil and talk no evil about others, to ensure your success on the path of Light. When you see, hear and talk evil things about others, you draw the load of such evil things upon yourself; and this weighs the earthman down in the journey of life. This is like removing a load from your head and placing same on your shoulder. Remember the words of the Lord: “… And with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again” (Math. 7:2; KJV).

Therefore, in any situation that you find yourself, sincerely ask yourself thus: ‘If the Lord Himself is physically here and meets this situation, what will He do?’ Whatever that you conclude, by the Spirit of the Lord in you, as what the Lord will do, endeavour to do that, for your guidance on the path of Light.

May the Almighty Lord guide and bless you, in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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